Professor of Polytechnic University of Valencia Held a Lecture at ASUE

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Today, UPV Professor Maria Jose Viñals held an open lecture entitled “Sustainable Development Trends and Planning Tools in Cultural Tourism” within the frames of career days of Higher Education Interdisciplinary Reform in Tourism Management and Applied Geoinformation Curricula (HERITAG) project at ASUE Center for International Programs. The meeting was attended by Nerses Gevorgyan, Head of ASUE Quality Assurance Division, project coordinator at ASUE, collaborators, academic staff members, students, including attendees of "Project Management" joint Master's program by Polytechnic University of Valencia, ASUE and National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia.

Nerses Gevorgyan introduced the guest, spoke about the effective interaction of ASUE and University of Valencia.

Maria Jose Viñals touched upon the partnership of Armenian two Universities –Economics and Architecture and Construction and Polytechnic University of Valencia, then it’s also viewed in the context of "HERITAGE" project. Then she spoke on the analysis of the essence of cultural tourism, its promotion strategy, modern trends, transformations, planning tools. Spain, Valencia's tourism attraction, cultural heritage and local socio-economic development programs were the focus of the discussion.

Note, Maria Jose Viñals is one the professors of the "Project Management" joint Master's program and she has taught our students studying in the UPV.

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