Effective Organization of Working Process: ASUE Board Approved the New Structure Submitted by Ruben Hayrapetyan

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Today, ASUE Board session was held headed by Vahan Movsisyan, the Board Chairman, President of “Communities Finance Officers Association” NGO. Here are the agenda issues – “Approving the Structure of the Armenian State University of Economics” and “2019 January-February Activities and Future Plans”, which were reported by Ruben Hayrapetyan, acting Rector, Doctor of Sciences, Professor.

Vahan Movsisyan notes that the structural change only refers to the administrative sector of the University, and change of Departments and Chairs is not set, it will be further submitted to wide discussion.

Reporting the first agenda issue, i.e. “Approving the Structure of the Armenian State University of Economics” Ruben Hayrapetyan noted that the suggested changes aren’t end in itself, since the appointment he had diagnosed the problems of the University, clarified the mission pointing out 4-5 key goals (modernization of educational programs, short-term trainings, carrying out both fundamental and applied researches) that’s why structural changes are needed to implement them. “It’s about only operative management and I want to note that these changes aimed at exclusively productive organization of the working process”; Ruben Hayrapetyan stated.

The Board members discussed the issue of structural changes, submitted their suggestions and approaches, noting that they aimed at improving the University working process. “I accept all your suggestions, but in order to accomplish all that I need an appropriate structure and a working team through which we will be able to achieve those goals step by step”; the University Head said. “All our wishes can’t be quickly realized, but I can say what kind of University we will have in 5 years. In 5 years we will have University where there won’t be a student who will graduate with no professional knowledge and skills. In 5 years we will have University that will have a certain weight in the economy and will be able to serve the state and the private sector with research. In 5 years we will have University where there will be a completely different academic, student environment”; continued Ruben Hayrapetyan, presenting the new structure of the University in this context, pointing out the directions of development and urgent activities.

As a result of discussion, proposals were pointed out on which the Board clarified its approaches. Then making some changes, the University new structure was confirmed. Responding to the recommendations of the Board members, Ruben Hayrapetyan noted that they would definitely find their reflection in further activities, and thanked the members for useful advice, suggestions and support.

Presenting the 2nd agenda issue, i.e. “2019 January-February Activities and Future Plans”, acting Rector noted that although 2 months is not enough to get acquainted with the existing problems, but the latters have been diagnosed, approaches and activities have been clarified for their solution.

Ruben Hayrapetyan stated that during the past two months a number of programs have been implemented, including two orders were developed and approved for improving the educational process, the start of conducting short-term trainings was given, cooperation with a number of international and local organizations and new agreements were reached, the process of reforming educational programs has begun, restrictions have been made in the learning process.

The acting Rector noted that the University science will have a new quality and level, the student startups will launch, system of salaries differentiation will be introduced, the key issue i.e. lecturers’ training and certification, will be solved, proper management of alumni network will have a significant effect in the learning process, establishing a business incubator at the University is on the agenda. This issue was also approved.

Among other issues, ASUE Board Chairman Vahan Movsisyan presented details of the meeting with the Presidents of Board of Trustees of State Universities and then informed that he had participated in ASUE Scientific Board session recently and has planned to meet the University Student Council soon.

Then Ruben Hayrapetyan touched upon the issue of “Tntesaget” student dormitory, stating that a short-term contract was signed with the tenant for a year, and the cost was reduced from about 110 million to 43 million AMD.

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