How to recognize skillfully fake goods?: Representatives of National Bureau of Expertise at ASUE

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At the suggestion of students and lecturers of ASUE Marketing and Business Organization Department ASUE Lifelong Education and Career Division organized an open lesson on "The essence, types, the issues to be expertised in the criminal-law sphere and existing problems" within the framework of the subject "Commodity Research and Quality Expertise". Hovhannes Gabrielyan, head of the department of commodity expertise of the “National Bureau of Expertise” state non-profit organization of the RA National Academy of Sciences, experts Shushanik Movsisyan and Harutyun Tovmasyan have been invited to lecture. Aida Arustamyan, the head of the Lifelong Education and Career Division of ASUE, lecturers of the chair of Marketing and Business Organization, staff and 2 experts from the above mentioned state non-profit organization were present at the lesson.
Aida Arustamyan welcomed the presents, thanked the guests for cooperation, encouraged the students to be active.
The first was Hovhannes Gabrielyan, whose report was cognitive, referring to the activities of the National Bureau of Expertise, the framework of competence, the structure, the scientific activity and the international cooperation. Next, Shushanik Movsisyan, through slides, clarified the fascinating process of quality expertise of food and non-food products. She emphasized that the commodity expert should be prudent, able to manage emotions and be ready for different situations. The expert described how to explore and evaluate some products, such as fake gold chains, phones, branded products. She touched upon the essence of judicial commodity. Knowledge and modern equipments were highlighted in reaching a good professional conclusion.
Harutyun Tovmasyan continued presenting the peculiarities of the commodity specialization. By the way, the guests were ASUE graduates and in their speeches they thanked the present lecturers. Later was the question-and-answer part of the lesson. Note, that such professional meetings are continuous.

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