ASUE Rector Diana Galoyan's Congratulations on the International Women's Day

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Dear women and girls,

Today, March 8 is marked as International Women's Day. No matter how festive our mood is, we still celebrate the holiday, try to be filled with the spring breath.

The modern woman, along with beauty and feminine charm, is the embodiment of strength and will, struggling and purposeful. This is the imperative of modernity, the symbol of this holiday is historically such a woman.

Today, our large university family unites women dedicated to education - scientists-educators, researchers, managers, professional and conscientious employees, who are also mothers of the family, who believe in and share traditional values, law-abiding citizens concerned with the future of the homeland and their children.

Let there be lasting peace in our country, undisturbed and undiminished, so that you can look forward with hope and optimism, bring to life all your cherished desires. I wish health and love, happiness and standing energy.

ASUE Rector