“In the 21st Century, we Have the Opportunity of Choice, and it's Fantastic”: Ruben Vardanyan was Hosted at ASUE

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Today, a long-awaited meeting with Ruben Vardanyan, co-founder of “Aurora” Humanitarian Initiative, SKOLKOVO business school (Moscow), UWC Dilijan (Armenia), Armenian businessman. Together with his spouse, Veronika Zonabend, and partners in various countries, he invests money in large-scale, multifaceted projects in the sphere of global education, the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals, and solving humanitarian problems.

The meeting was attended by ASUE acting Rector Diana Galoyan, Deans, Heads of Chairs, members of academic staff, Heads of Divisions, collaborators, students, guests.

Diana Galoyan introduced the guest noting that the meeting with Ruben Vardanyan is expected for ASUE members, and then valued the activities of Ruben Vardanyan, especially the educational initiatives.

Ruben Vardanyan's speech was mainly addressed to student, aimed at inspiring him/her to change life for the better, to learn well, to create a vision of life. Ruben Vardanyan's speech was dedicated to how to plan his/her own life for the next 20 years in the 21st century. The talk was instructive, multifaceted, patriotic and philanthropic, advocating love for knowledge and education.

The talk was an open conversation with the audience about being competitive in the challenges of the information age, overcoming obstacles in the way of implementing innovative ideas, staying in a small and developing country, outlining the vision of the future. and not just speaking about the audience being a new, informative speaking warrior overcoming obstacles on the way to realizing ideas, staying in a small and developing country, outlining a vision for the future, and not only.

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