ASUE Rectorate Board Congratulates September 1st

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Dear 1st year students,

today is a memorable day for you. It is special, as a new phase of your achievements, as the beginning of student life, as membership in a new family of academic education and, of course, it is special, caused by the state of emergency and the security requirements of all of us.

Welcome to Armenian State University of Economics, congratulations on the Day of Knowledge.

We are sure you will get high quality knowledge at our University, you will be taught by professional specialists developing your value system. And we want you to strive for knowledge and cognition, as well as diligence, discipline, respect for others and you will definitely become a full member of our big family, and all our efforts will be donated to you.

Dear students,

from now on, try to integrate into the new environment, get involved in the educational process and create the brightest pages of your biography step by step.

Good luck. Be strong, steadfast in all your steps, ready for the nowadays challenges.

ASUE Rectorate Board