Welcome to ASUE: New Academic Year with New Expectations

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Today, new academic year started at ASUE with the strict observance of anti-epidemic rules. On the Knowledge Day ASUE staff, Student Council welcomed the freshmen in accordance with the established procedure.

Armen Grigoryan, acting of ASUE Rector, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Gor Melik-Sahakyan, President of SC, Deans and Heads of Chairs welcomed students at each Faculty after they being thermometer and accompanied to auditoriums.

In his welcoming speech, Armen Grigoryan first congratulated the students, then urged everyone to strictly follow the anti-epidemic rules, noting that this is the strongest guarantee for the continuity of the educational process. Then he introduced the students to the nuances of the educational process, informed that the students will soon receive their personal data (login, password) to access ASUE distance learning platforms.

After the clarifications on the most important educational and organizational issues, Armen Grigoryan called on to be free in case of questions, to apply to both the University Leadership, the academic staff, as well as the Student Council.

The President of the Student Council also congratulated the students and presented the mission of the SC and the main directions of its activity. Deans Manuk Movsisyan (Faculty of Management), Mery Badalyan (Accounting and Auditing), Grigor Nazaryan (Regulation of Economy and International Economic Relations), Vahe Mikayelyan (Finance), Sos Khachikyan (Computer Science and Statistics), Narek Kesoyan (Marketing and Business Organization) also congratulated the freshmen and made clarifications on some issues.

asue.am talked to the freshmen hurrying up to the University in the morning. Read the short interviews in the Armenian version.

Thus, the teaching process at ASUE is in a normal course. Congratulations on Knowledge Day and new academic year!

ASUE Media and Public Relations Division