Students’ Applications Should Be Handled As Quickly And Properly As Possible: Diana Galoyan

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“All problems raised by students should be properly solved within the laws and opportunities”; acting Rector Diana Galoyan stated at today’s session of Rectorate Board touching upon issues related to the regulation of educational-organizational problems. The Head of the University emphasized and urged the Deans to be more attentive to students’ concern, to the applications they submitted, and solve the problems as properly as possible.

“Despite being over busy, I personally host and listen to many students every day, clarify issues, try to process their applications within the law. I urge you to do the same, help students if there is a small chance of solving their problems”; Diana Galoyan stated.

Following the Deans reported the results of exams of the 2nd half for the 2018-2019 academic year. Students’ applications addressed to the University Head were touched upon among the current issues.

Armenian State University of Economics plans to start short-term paid courses, and in this context, the Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning Division of ASUE Foreign Relations Department has applied to the Rectorate Board with a request to provide some discounts. The Rectorate Board decided to set 30% discount for ASUE staff and students and 10% discount for alumni attending short-term paid courses.

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