ASUE Students Develop Practical Skills

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Marketing is a creative profession where new and alternative ideas are particularly encouraged. In this context the lectures of ASUE Chair of Marketing always inspire students and provide a platform for creative thinking, fresh ideas development, at the same time improving a student's practical skills.

Naira Hayrapetyan, Assistant Professor at the Chair of Marketing, suggested business case for the 4th year students of Marketing specialty to develop “communication plan” for distributing Cashback cards of ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank. Today, Artyom Ghazaryan, Head of Communication Department of the Bank, delivered lecture on modern marketing trends, particularly how to promote brand or business in the social networks and the internet in general, keeping in touch with consumers. Vadim Grigoryan, acting Head of the Chair of Marketing attended the lecture.

While being interviewed Naira Hayrapetyan satated that students would complete their assignment by the end of this semester, and would attend different lectures during the course, which would help them to understand the subject thoroughly and perform the practical assignment.

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