Pupils of Yerevak Educational Complex were Hosted at ASUE (photos)

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ASUE Labor Market and Alumni Affairs Division responding to the wish of the pupils of "Yerevak" Educational Complex hosted the 11th and 12th grade pupils today.

Lilit Gyulgulyan, Head of the above mentioned Division, met and welcomed them at the University entrance, then they met Ruben Hayrapetyan, ASUE acting Rector, Paruyr Jangulyan, Director of Foreign Relations Department, ASUE collaborators.

“Dear pupils, University of Economics is now in the active phase of reforms, and almost every day we make changes and present them to our stakeholders”; welcoming the pupils of the educational complex, ASUE Head stated, underlining that our university wants to attract applicants not with attractive calls, but with real and quality proposals. Ruben Hayrapetyan noted that new professions are introduced in ASUE, good conditions for students' progress are created, a number of development projects are on the agenda, as a result of which ASUE is going to become one of the prestigious universities in the region. The University Head spoke with students about the profession of economics, underlining that the description of profession will greatly help the students in professional orientation.

Then Paruyr Jangulyan, Director of International Relations Department, asked the students what they are interested in when choosing a profession, and then advised while choosing the University be aware of how it interacts with the outside world, what international projects are being fulfilled by.

Shushanik Abovyan, Head of the pupils group, expressed gratitude for the hospitality and mentioned that they have already visited two universities, and now they were interested in the University of Economics.

ASUE representatives accompanied the pupils to ASUE Library, AMBERD research center, center for international programs, introduced the University subdivisions.

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