SSS session at the Department of Philosophy and Armenian History was multi-prize

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SSS Session at the Department of Philosophy and Armenian History was held on May 17-18 and was summed up on May 21. Sofya Ohanyan, Associate Professor at the Chair of Philosophy and Armenian History, PhD in philosophy, the coordinator of this department informed the Media and Public Relations division that were 30 articles. Aram Sargsyan, head of the Chair Philosophy and Armenian History, Doctor of Sciences noted that the topics were varied, analytical, original and up-to-date. So this circumstance had reflected on the assessment and three students were awarded the first prize, five students awarded the second prize and eight students were awarded the third prize. Here they are:

1st prize
Tatevik Rostomyan (Macroeconomic Forecastsand Policy, 3rd year) "Justification of Evil"
Narine Petrosyan (Economics, 1 year) "The Process of Independence of Armenia (1917-1918)"
Qristine Lulukyan (Marketing, 1 year) "Man and his phenomenon"

2nd prize
Inga Galstyan (Macroeconomic Forecastsand Policy, 3rd year) "Does Life Have a Purpose?"
Mariam Mancakanyan (Marketing, 2nd year) "Marketing as a Value Orientation for Modern People"
Lilit Hovhannisyan (Marketing, 1st year) "Love Philosophy"
Garegin Gharhamanyan (Marketing, 1st year) "Patriotism and nationalism"
Anna Sargsyan (Marketing, 1st year) "Daniel Beck-Pirumyan"

3rd prize
Lusine Saqanyan (Labor Economics, 3rd year) "Garegin Nzhdeh"
Stella Grigoryan (Labor Economics, 3rd year) "Oscar Wild. Portrait of Dorian Gray"
Taguhi Avagyan (Accounting, 2nd) "Business Ethics"
Larisa Avagyan (Marketing, 1st year) "Euthanasia"
Syuzanna Gabrielyan (Marketing, 1st year) "The hero of Sardarapat. Movses Silikyan"
Marianna Torosyan (Marketing, 1st year) "May 28 and Armenian-Georgian relations"
Mariam Javadyan (Accounting, 1st year) "Aram Manukyan - Founder of the Republic of Armenia"
Anush Barseghyan (Statistics, 1st year) "The Traditional Connection from Christianity to Paganism and the Basis of Easter"

The above mentioned students were awarded with diplomas and books. Three students were awarded with special prize for active participation (Qristine Lulukyan, Garegin Gharhamanyan, Arev Manukyan ), the others had encouraging prizes (Arshak Isoyan, Tigran Baghdasaryan, Alfred Hakobyan, Tsoghik Iskandaryan, Margarit Poghosyan, Roza Tonoyan, Nvard Manukyan, Silva Petrosyan).

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