Deputy Director of AMBERD Participated in International Webinars

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On May 6, 7 and 8, Dr. Vardan Atoyan - Deputy Director-Senior Expert of AMBERD Research Center, participated in online international discussions.

While being interviewed  Vardan Atoyan told that the issues of the impact of the pandemia on the processes in different regions, spheres and processes remain among the key topics of discussion of expert and political circles. Naturally, the main platforms for organizing discussions in the current realities have been completely moved to the Internet. At the same time, the number of invitations and opportunities to participate in such discussions has sharply increased, so our Center tries to follow the registered tendencies, to respond to such invitations as much as possible and to have a modest contribution not only to domestic but also to expert discussions on global issues. It is obvious that active involvement in such events can significantly increase the visibility and recognition of our Center at the international level.

On May 6, he participated in a webinar organized by the German Marshall Fund of the US entitled "Strengthening US Relations with Eastern Europe in Pandemic Conditions", the keynote speaker was George Kent, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs. Vardan Atoyan stated that the scope of the discussed topics was quite wide and included the challenges of Eastern Europe, the Eastern Partnership countries, including the current political, economic and security challenges  of Armenia. At the same time, various issues of US support for Eastern Europe's partners in  pandemic conditions were  touched upon.

On May 7, the "Economic Results of COVID-19: One Belt, One Road Initiative in New Global Conditions” online workshop organised by Valdai club, the keynote  speakers were Van Gany (China), Senior Research Fellow at the Academy of Modern China and World Studies, Adil Kaukenov (Kazakhstan), Director of the Center for Chinese Studies, Alexander Lomanov (Russia), Deputy Director of Primakov World Economics and  International Relations Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Fyodor Lukyanov (Russia), Director of Scientific Affairs of the Valdai Club, Jomart Otorbay (Kyrgyzstan), Former Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan (2014-2015),  Prof. Feng Shaolei (China), Dean of East China Pedagogical University, Director of the Russian Research Center, and Zhang Yanshen (China),   Secretary General of the Academic Committee of the National Development and Reform Commission of China. The main topics of the workshop were the economic and geopolitical consequences of the pandemia, the prospects for further development of joint infrastructure and the possible impact of the pandemia on the "One Belt, One Road" initiative and the Eurasian region.

On May 8,  Vardan Atoyan participeted in online discussion entitled “The 75th  Anniversary of the Great Victory: How to Preserve and Transfer Historical Truth?” organized by the Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Support Foundation.  The main topics discussed during the event were the attempts to falsify history and the preservation of historical memory. "I think the participation in the above-mentioned events was quite effective and useful, and the topics discussed were up-to-date”; our colleauge noted at the end.

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