The Deputy Director of AMBERD Participated in the 2nd World Online Conference of Think Tanks

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On May 13, 2020, Dr. Vardan Atoyan - Deputy Director-Senior Expert of AMBERD Research Center, participated in the 2nd online global conference organized by TTCSP at the University of Pennsylvania. While being interviewed Vardan Atoyan told that  he  had been invited  to  participate in the global conference entitled “2nd Global Think Tank Virtual Town Hall: From Solidarity to Solutions to Save Lives and Livelihoods”, which was focused on the role of think tanks in the fight against COVID-19 and  the challenges facing  think tanks.

The first global conference on this topic took place just a month ago, on April 7, and I was also invited to attend. I would like to note that if the previous conference was unprecedented in its size, the number of think tanks involved and its wide geographical coverage, the latter was also marked by its results and global goals. The conference was attended by representatives of more than 375 think tanks from dozens of countries around the world. It was decided to form 5 working groups of participants, which will develop a package of proposals based on facts and expertise, which will be presented to governments and international organizations around the world. The established working groups have a sectoral orientation.

Here are  the groups:

1) Solving the crisis of public health, 2) Preparing national and international strategies for economic recovery, 3) Developing public, private, innovative and inclusive intervention strategies to support vulnerable groups, 4) Development of international cooperation: formation of fast, responsive and stable systems for responding to future crisis, 5) Preparation for uncertain future: creating new operational models for think tanks - research, communication and funding”; noted our colleague, adding that AMBERD Center will not be left out of the process.

“I have been included in the last, fifth working group. Together with the global community of think tanks, we will try our best to support the implementation of the above  mentioned goals. I would like to add that the working groups will work for about a month, after which it is planned to publish a corresponding report. I think it is difficult to underestimate the reputable benefits that we can get from participating in such international processes”;  our colleague stated.

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