The Names Of Students Admitted To ASUE Bachelor’s Degree - Online

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ASUE Admission Committee informs that the names of students admitted to ASUE Bachelor’s degree have recently become known. So, 1448 entrants applied to ASUE Bachelor's degree, out of which 1154 were admitted, 64 of which were admitted free of charge.

Here  are  the  lists:

Grigor Nazaryan, Executive Secretary of the Admissions Committee, considers the results of this year's admission  satisfactory. "In addition, I would like  to noted that this year, for the first time, professions that were vacant in previous years have been replenished. I’m happy to mention that among them are the specialties "Information Systems ", "Service", "Tourism", "Actuarial and Financial Mathematics ", "Statistics "; Grigor Nazaryan  stated.

Congratulations to the applicants who have become students of our University, we wish them good luck on the happy path to University education.

ASUE Media and Public Relations Division