Preparatory Courses for “Unit 1991” Launched at ASUE

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On February 3, a six-month-preparatory course of FAST (Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology) launched at ASUE.

The aim of the program is to provide opportunities for continuing education, multifaceted development, and advancement of professional skills for inductees in the Armed Forces of Armenia. It is envisioned that R&D projects and analyses to target both short- and long-term problems will be implemented.

Within the framework of the collaboration, FAST is launching an education and training program in data science and artificial intelligence for young people of pre-military age to prepare them for service at the unit. FAST will also undertake the development of the curriculum and organization of the educational process for inductees at “Unit 1991.” FAST will also provide support research and project management activities of the unit.

Let’s recall, on January 14, the admission test for the "Unit 1991" training course was conducted at ASUE. Nearly 400 young men (17-23-year-old), to be conscripted this summer, have applied for the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence training course organized by FAST.

Good luck to participants.

Note, FAST Foundation is ASUE Partner.

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