The Outcomes of Another International Cooperation Were Summed up (photos)

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The second initiative within the frames of ASUE and EU "Copernicus Berlin" Association was summed up, which united several dozen young people, more than two dozen ASUE members, becoming a wonderful platform for acquiring knowledge, skills, exchange of experience and international labor market integration. In the educational, cognitive, experimental and entertaining format it included a series of two international seminars ("Neet to Work", "Human Change Not Climate Change"), courses, lectures, panel discussion attended by Arthur Martirosyan, Deputy Minister, MoESCS, ASUE Rector Diana Galoyan, Davit Budaghyan, the Executive Director of the Copernicus Berlin Association, representative of the association, trainer Alexander Posts, information events, visits to historical and cultural sites, celebration of the 30th anniversary of RA Independence, participation in ASUE Welcome party - 2021, etc., thus reaffirming the effectiveness of such a large-scale international cooperation.

While being interviewed Anzhelika Musayelyan, organizer of the event, Head of ASUE International Relations Division summed up the two-week-process, which, according to her, is already recording positive feedback.

"I would like to emphasize that more than 20 students of the University took advantage of this opportunity and, along with all the other participants, were awarded certificates. The topics of the two seminars were up-to-day, the participants showed great interest and activity"; Anzhelika Musayelyan stated, noting that ASUE, by organizing and ensuring this whole process, not only forms a platform for international cooperation, but also acts as an academic structure, which is interested in solving current and important problems, in communicating with creative and thinking individuals, in bringing cultures.

Before the departure of the delegation from Armenia, we contacted the executive director of "Copernicus Berlin" David Budaghyan, who noted; “In cooperation with ASUE, “Copernicus Berlin” again organized productive international training courses at ASUE, Armenia. Our collaboration has provided many young people with relevant knowledge, improved skills, valuable experience and friends for life. In the near future we plan to continue our effective cooperation with ASUE, to return to Yerevan with new programs and projects.".

ASUE Marketing and Public Relations Division