The Year-end Issue of AMBERD Bulletin is Ready

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AMBERD Research Center presents the year-end issue of AMBERD  Bulletin. 13 articles under the headings "War Panorama", "Finance", "The Region and Armenia", "Geoeconomic Chronicle", "Vision of the Armenian Society"  are  presented.

The publications authored by Armen Ktoyan, Anna Pakhlyan, Gayane Tovmasyan, Hayk Bejanyan, Armen Chughuryan, Edgar Aghabekyan, Tatevik Rostomyan, Vahe Bulanikyan, Tatevik Arustamyan, Ani Barseghyan, Astghik Khachatryan (co-authors), Nare Karapetyan,  Hamazasp Gasparyan and Yuri Hovakanyan are an analysis and assessment of the Artsakh war, its aftermath and effects.

See the full issue on ASUE official website via the active  link.

ASUE Media and Public Relations Division