Book Exhibition at ASUE Library and Award Ceremony

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“The library is a book temple, and the book is the path to the depth of the human soul”; Lena Avdalyan, one of the best readers, valued the role of reading during the measure on book gifting day. Today, ASUE Library united book lovers, employees at Mushegh Adonts reading hall. Nerses Hayrapetyan, the Head of Information Resource Center, U.S. Embassy, employees Tatevik Derdzyan and Andranik Manukyan (ASUE Alumni) were the special guests.
Note, that the Embassy has recently donated 60 books to our University Library, which was exhibited today in the reading room.
The event consisted of two parts: discussion of cooperation issues between the U.S Embassy and ASUE Library and awarding ceremony of the best reader-students.
Armine Hovannisyan, Director of ASUE Library, welcomed the book lovers and stated ASUE has a good friend as the U.S. Embassy in Armenia, in cooperation with which the book fund of the University is supplemented with English, as well as Armenian (translated) contemporary literature.
Nerses Hayrapetyan highlighted the interaction with the University, expressed willingness to strengthen it, to conduct joint events. He also suggested students to take part in the six-month-US Embassy internship program, after which the best participants get an invitation to work. Andranik Manukyan, alumni of ASUE International Economic Relations specialty, submitted detailed information on the internship, who was employed in the Embassy by the mentioned program.
Then the names of ASUE best readers were announced, who were awarded certificates and book-awards. Here are the names of the best ones:
· Ariana Farmazyan-Department of Accounting and Audit,
· Lena Avdalyan-Department of Management,
· Davit Barseghyan, Department of Management,
· Firdus Baghdasaryan-Master’s degree student of the Department of Regulation of Economy and International Economic Relations,
· Tamara Gyozalyan- securities market specialty,
· Karen Ordyan- securities market specialty,
· Tigran Sarsyan-securities market specialty,
· Artyom Ashigov-securities market specialty.
They thanked the Library staff for their careful work and then touched upon the role of reading.

Note, the books donated by the U.S. Embassy will be exhibited at ASUE scientific reading hall for another two days.

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