Rector of ASUE congratulates

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Two holidays are celebrated at once in November - World Youth Day (November 10) and International Students Day (November 17). At the heart of these holidays is the idea of peace, democracy, national independence, the protection of civil, economic and social rights of students and young people.

Today ASUE Rector, Doctor of Sciences, Professor Koryun Atoyan sent a congratulatory message on the occasion of World Youth Day and International Students' Day.

"Dear students, for several years in a row, our country celebrates the International days of Youth and Students on November 10 and 17.

Young people and students in its composition are the most advanced and constructive stratum of society. The more optimistic, creative and patriotic youth is, the more the future of the country will be bright and prosperous.

Youth is truly the force of development, and its representatives must be well aware of the importance of their role. Today Armenian youth is everywhere: they are students, soldiers, employees and even directors.

Each sphere, each profession has its own characteristics, the path to success is not easily given. Thus students, the young generation should use their "flourishing age" full of powerful charge and dream in order to get a good education, be a developed person, active and full member of society, love motherland and serve him.

Brilliant representatives of today's youth are studying at our University, they are smart, hardworking, and full of desire, they could be entrusted our future. This is an occasion for happiness and pride for a professor.

            Dear students, each one of you is a personality! However, together you are a powerful force. I wish to see your collective power along with your personal happiness, consistency and progress, which can become a stronghold to reach new heights.

Congratulations! Be healthy, active, enrich your life with knowledge and creative work".