A Collaboration between “Skolkovo” Innovation Center and ASUE based on the activities of scientific and educational groups

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ASUE "National innovation system" scientific and educational group yesterday attended the workshop organized by the National Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, supported by Russian center of science and culture in Yerevan. The dean of the Regulation of Economy and International Economic Relations department and the head of the group Atom Margaryan provided this information.

 Deputy Executive Director of “Skolkovo” Open University Ekaterina Morozova presented the Russian innovation system, the "Skolkovo" innovation center, the experience of innovation commercialization and the activities with young scientists of innovation sphere.

Ekaterina Morozova noted that the development of the innovation sphere in Russia had started with the realization of changes in higher education institutions by giving an importance to the “Entrepreneurship Basics" course in master's program.

The workshop was held in active discussions and questions. Atom Margaryan had brought up a number of issues and considerations concerning the assessment of the effectiveness of innovative projects, attraction of migrated young and talented scientists, the opportunities of funding the innovations, which have an exit potential.

During the discussion, the scope and the themes of the seminars and workshops, which are scheduled to be held in Armenia by “Skolkovo” Open University leading specialists, were clarified.  It is planned to launch the seminars this fall and young Armenian scientists will be given the opportunity to obtain additional knowledge in the field of innovation. Deputy Executive Director of “Skolkovo” Open University also agreed to organize a series of seminars and lectures in ASUE.  

Atom Margaryan and the director of the National Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Gevorg Vardanyan agreed to form a common agenda in innovation development and commercialization area and to attract local and foreign stakeholders.

During the conversation with ASUE Media and Public Relations Division Atom Margaryan said that the participation of the research group in the seminar had been quite effective and had formed basis for cooperation between the University and the Center.

ASUE Media and Public Relations Division.