CERGE-EI Project: Opportunities and Perspectives of Post-graduate Education

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Today, ASUE Foreign Relations Division initiated meeting during which the opportunities and perspectives of post-graduate education offered by CERGE-EI were presented at ASUE International Programs Center. The speaker was Geghetsik Afunts, ASUE alumni (Master’s degree student of Macroeconomics specialty), CERGE-EI program post-graduate.
While being interviewed, she informed that CERGE-EI is an American-style program, joint workplace of Charles University, the Czech Academy of Sciences and the New York Fund of the same name and offers post-graduate scholarships. As a stakeholder of the program, Geghetsik Afunts has gone through an effective way of studying and research and is completing her research on labor, migration and family economics, based on applied econometrics.
Vard Ghukasyan, Head of Foreign Relations Division, introduced the guest then Geghetsik Afunts presented the program comprehensively, which enables students dealing with economics and Master’s degree students with fundamental mathematical knowledge to conduct free study and research in the heart of Europe, geographically closer to the best universities with you can collaborate, get consultation from prominent Professors, participate in conferences.
She touched upon the structure of the program, procedure for applying, requirements and deadlines, noting that some of the invited lecturers are Nobel Prize winners, brilliant scholars in their fields. Speaking about living conditions, student daily life, Geghetsik Afunts told about annual or periodic events that enrich student life. She noted that those wishing may also apply for a Master's degree but, unlike the post-graduate, is paid.
Interested students asked many questions.
More information is available via the attached file.
For details on the program, see cerge-ei.cz.

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