Updated: Video: We Need Real Changes to Have Positions in Ranking Systems

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"Speaking about the quality and ranking of education, it should be noted that these are close to one another. They express and especially measure the quality of education and research, and universities have a lot to do”; responding to one of the students' concerns Ruben Hayrapetyan stated during the awarding ceremony of “Best Student” competition held at ASUE.
“Now, the World practice has made everything extremely binding and clear, and in order to be able to hold some high positions in these ranking systems, real changes are needed in several directions”; Head of University of Economics stated. The authoritative ranking systems take into account the proportion of international students in universities, and for international students to be involved international accreditation is needed, which requires the improvement of education quality.
“The same is about the researches: any ranking system assumes that the academic staff of the university should have a certain number of articles published in international journals”; Ruben Hayrapetyan highlighted, adding that the quality of researches, the knowledge of foreign languages should be improved in order to be published in such journals.
The video is available on ASUE youTube channel.

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