Ruben Hayrapetyan - We Exclude the Lectures on the Dictation Method: Scientific Board’s First Session in 2019

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Today, Scientific Board’s first session in 2019 was held headed by Ruben Hayrapetyan, acting Rector, Doctor of Sciences, Professor. Before passing to the agenda issues, Ruben Hayrapetyan presented the upcoming changes of the University, urging the attendees to support the implementation of the planned reforms.
"From now on, we exclude lectures on the dictation method, moreover, such working style will be considered as an impropriety. Instead, the assignments institute for students must be activated and for all training courses, specific assignments must be prepared for students aimed at developing their skills and abilities in the training course matter. One of the main problems of our educational system has traditionally been the underestimation of the role of assignments when the result of the students' actual work was pushed to the background, and the lecturer assumed the passive role of submitting information”; acting Rector stated.
As the next important point, Ruben Hayrapetyan spoke about the persistence of eliminating all the mediations in the educational process, noting that such cases would be regarded as severe impropriety. "We must exclude all kinds of mediation, in general, all unacceptable phenomena should be eliminated gradually, and students should be the controller of this process”; acting Rector stated.
Then, Ruben Hayrapetyan noted that lifelong education will be of great importance and soon recommendations to the Heads of Chairs will be made for submitting proposals for the improvement of lifelong education conducting short-term courses, various trainings and other initiatives.
Then the agenda was established. Ruben Hayrapetyan reported on the first three issues: making changes in the decrees of "Establishment of University Educational Methodological Commission under the Scientific Board and Approval of its Composition", "Establishment of University Competitive Committee under Scientific Board and Approval of its Composition" and “Establishment of University Publication Committee under Scientific Board and Approval of its Composition”.
Scientific Board members approved the submitted compositions of the committees.
Aram Sargsyan, Chairman of Competitive Committee, reported the issue of awarding the title of Associate Professor to Hasmik Torosyan, Assistant Professor of the Chair of Banking and Insurance, PhD in Economics, Karine Harutyunyan, Assistant Professor of the Chair of Mathematical Methods in Economics, PhD in Economics, Tehmine Stepanyan, Assistant Professor of the Chair of Financial Accounting, PhD in Economics, Narine Martirosyan, Assistant Professor of the Chair of Financial Accounting, PhD in Economics, Zhora Sargsyan, Assistant Professor of the Chair of International Economic Relations, PhD in Economics.
By the secret ballot of the Scientific Board the title of Associate Professor was awarded to the nominated candidates, the results were confirmed by open voting.
Ruben Hayrapetyan presented the working plan of the Scientific Board for the second half of the 2018-2019 academic year, which was confirmed.
Gagik Vardanyan, Vice Rector of Science and International Relations, reported the issue of establishing thesis topics and scientific supervisors.
Current issues were also reported and discussed.

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