Tourism issues at a round table-discussion. A new research from the Amberd Center

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Amberd Research Center invited a round table-discussion. The heads of chairs and lecturers of state and non-state universities and colleges, representatives of the government, representatives of the tourism industry were present at the discussion. ASUE Vice-Rector on Educational-Methodological Matters Paruyr Kalantaryan, Director of the Amberd Research Center Armen Grigoryan, staff of the Center, heads of chairs, lecturers and students were also present.
Presenting the purpose of the round table-discussion Armen Grigoryan mentioned that it was based on the results of the Center's research and the discussion of the current situation should be the provision of the education and labor market, increase of efficiency and training of highly qualified specialists.
"RA tourism sector education and labor market analysis" was presented by the he senior researcher at Amberd Research Center, lecturer at the Academy of Public Administration of the RA, Ph.D in Economics Gayane Tovmasyan. The speaker emphasized the role of tourism in the world and in Armenia, then presented the situation in Armenia, highlighted the problems of tourism and introduced innovative approaches. Then she referred to the research. The speaker mentioned that the purpose of the research was to find out the professional skills of the field specialists, expected skills and capacities in the labor market, their discrepancies, problems. The speaker presented the results of the research, current issues, key conclusions and recommendations. She also touched upon the training of specialists for the sphere, the problems existing there, the ways of improving the labor market and the possibilities of their interaction.
Later there was discussion.
The meeting served as a platform for constructive and stakeholder engagement, critical conclusions and effective recommendations.

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