Published Manual - “Think Tanks: Forges of Strategic Ideas” Authored by Vardan Atoyan

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The manual “Think Tanks: Forges of Strategic Ideas” authored by Vardan Atoyan, Deputy Director-Senior expert of AMBERD research center, Doctor of Sciences, Associate Professor of the Chair of Law and Political Science, was published. The concept of “Think Tanks”, the role of typology, functions and political processes, as well as the origin and development issues of think tanks were touched upon in the book.

The author has analyzed think tanks peculiarities and development trends in different countries, on the basis of the study of international experience, the mechanisms of influence of expert-analytical structures on decision-makers and public opinion, mechanisms of interaction between state-think tanks, opportunities for the use of the potential of these institutions in policy-making and implementation. Challenges and development opportunities facing Armenian think tanks were touched upon. The book is unique cause it is the first comprehensive reference to the role of think thanks in the field of public policy.

The author summarized the outcomes of his ten-year-research on the subject, including the main outcomes of published articles in native and foreign scientific journals, reports in international conferences, academic visits to foreign leading think tanks aimed at studying a number of separate research and international experience. The book is intended for politicians, international experts, public servants, decision-makers in politics and a wide range of readers.

The book is ensured for publication by YSU Faculty of International Relations Scientific Board. It is available at ASUE Library, National Library of Armenia, Basic Library of the RA NAS, bookstores in Yerevan.

We congratulate Vardan Atoyan on the book's publication and wish new scientific achievements.

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