Scientific Workshops

Mathematics is the Backbone of Economics: Seminar of the Chair of Higher Mathematics

The Features of Financial Institutions were Discussed During the Scientific Seminar

The Landscape Features of the Country were at the Core of the Seminar of the Chair of Environmental Economics

Scientific Seminar of the Chair of Financial Accounting

Scientific Seminar on Statistical Issues at the Professional Chair

Language Problems at the Core of the Seminar (updated)

Peculiarities of Biological and Chemical Weapons were Discussed during the Seminar

Seminar of Chair of Mathematical Methods in Economics was Held

Macroeconomic Indicators of RA and Different Countries were Analyzed

“Socio-economic Consequences of International Labor Migration”: Seminar in the Chair of IER

Chair of Marketing Held a Scientific Seminar, the Speakers of Which Were the Young Scientists

Representatives of the Chair of Managerial Accounting and Auditing Gave Scientific Reports

Seminar on Urgent Issues of Public Administratio

Current Issues at the Chair of Commerce and Business Organization

Today Chair of Finance Gave a Seminar

Pension Models were Discussed during the Scientific Seminar

Scientific Seminar of the Chair of Economic Computer Science and Information Systems was Held

Chair of Philosophy and Armenian History Gave Another Semina

Regular Seminar on the RA Macroeconomic Situation

Regular Seminar on Historical Issues

The Chairs’ Scientific-research Activities: Seminar on Mass Destruction Weapons

Investment Policy Issues in Armenia: Scientific Seminar at ASUE

Chair of Languages Announced the Start of Scientific Events: Hereinafter Scientific Seminars of Chairs will be Held